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Precision Agriculture

Using our RGB and RGNIR Aerial Agriculture tuned sensors,  we are able to acquire data that provide analytical and actionable rich results, such as:

  • Orthomosaic maps with outputs in 2D GeoTIFF KML, 3D Map Point Cloud LAS, Mesh, Contour DSM
  • Field Uniformity 
  • Vegetation indices (NDVI)
  • Plant counts
  • Soil H20 levels
  • Topography / 3D mapping (limited / not survey quality)
The Field Uniformity Tool makes it possible to quantify plot-level statistics on plant count, height, vigor, leaf area and canopy cover. Drawing data from your other licensed algorithms (Row-Based Plant Counting Tool, Plant Height, Canopy Cover, Leaf Area and Vegetation Indices) , it calculates the maximum, minimum, mean and standard deviation for each plot or user-defined grid cell.

Field Uniformity

NDVI Report

NDVI Report